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Jill, Master Pilates Instructor at Gulf Coast Pilates.

“Jill was very knowledgeable, professional, and refreshing as a trainer. I learned so much in the two days of training from her. I feel that I can design and teach a beginner mat class from the training that she gave us.”

“I started my Fitness Training career late in life. I was fully expecting the class as well as the instructor would think I was completely out of place. I had some doubts about whether I could keep up with the younger group. Jill is wonderful. There was never any condescension shown. I was accepted and expected to do what everyone else did. The class also accepted me. I came away from this class with a new acceptance of my own capabilities. Thank you, Jill

JILL WAS AWESOME!!!! I LOVED her professionalism, knowledge and teaching style. Jill did not only demonstrate the exercises and read from the manual. She actually taught us the “why” of the exercises’ movements, sequencing and details

Jill is a phenomenal instructor. She is like a deep sea diver that delves deeply into the material’s foundations, theory and motivations. She also taught us several modifications for special population clients. The course manual is pretty useful and informative.

Jill was amazing. She completely changed my perception of Pilates.

Jill is such a wonderful teacher. She is easy to understand and teaches with details. Her knowledge is just outstanding

Jill is amazing. She is energetic, focused, intelligent, and fun. Amidst life’s curveballs, our class really jelled into a wonderful energy ready to learn and apply. I am excited to carry my knew knowledge into my current practices and also to move forward with my path in Pilates trainings. This is largely due to my having met and having been taught by Jill.