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What is Pilates

Reformer classes at Gulf Coast Pilates, Kingwood, Texas.      Jill, Master Pilates Instructor at Gulf Coast Pilates.

PILATES – What is it?

  • Derived from the term “Contrology”, coined by Joseph Pilates, to describe the energizing exercises he taught to World War 1 soldiers for physical rehabilitation and performance enhancement.
  • Indentifying muscular imbalances leading to back pain, poor posture, depression and decreased sports performance.
  • Movement education to increase physical and spiritual awareness through breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Based on hatha yoga, dance/gymnastics, martial arts, pugilism (boxing), and meditation.
  • Alternative healing for sports injuries, spinal issues such as osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, etc., chronic systemic disease (including multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, lupus, asthma), emotional imbalances leading to behavioral disorders, occupational therapy, and return to daily functionality after trauma.
  • An aid to improved mental health and physical fitness through stress relief and loss of weight and/or inches.



  • Principles of Movement/Reformer Training: Personal training program in 3 private sessions; required for admission to Group Reformer classes, providing the student with customized anatomy and kineisiology lessons. Think of it as an owner’s manual for your body!
  • Specialty Classes for elite athletes such as swimmers, golfers, runners, cyclists and ball players, performance artists and more!
  • Therapeutic Sessions providing myofascial release, spinal articulation, stretching for flexibility, core conditioning for strength training, massage techniques and mental imagery skills.
  • Certifications: Internationally recognized Pilates Certifications through Balanced Body™ in all Pilates apparatus, including teacher training workshops for continuing education credits (CEC’s).
  • Instructor Training/Continuing Education:
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